California has gone to the dogs and the humans who follow

Welcome to California, arguably the most dog-friendly state in the nation!

We want to introduce you to, the trusted source for millions of California travelers who stay, play, hike, eat and explore with their four-legged family. is on a mission. It all starts with their 4-Paw Promise: to deliver local and accurate listings, provide engaging and actionable content and focus on social commitment to the communities that they serve. (and their free mobile app) covers everything dog-friendly in California, including over 10,000 listings of dog-friendly hotels, restaurants, hikes, beaches, attractions, wineries, local and emergency services. Actually, there are over 100 different activity categories, so whether you are traveling two miles to take a local hike, or two hundred to explore the hidden beaches of Lake Tahoe, or lakes not named “Tahoe,” DogTrekker is your guide.

In addition, the weekly DogTrekker newsletter (you can sign up here) provides destination spotlights and activity focused stories, nearly 3,000 in the past 10 years. Ever ridden a train with your pup? There are more than a half-dozen that welcome dogs in the Golden State.

How about glamping with your entire family? How about canoeing or rafting down a river with your dog?

Here are a few activity stories to inspire you:

Remember, when traveling in California, always Leave Only Paw Prints®