Leave Only Paw Prints proudly provides resources for dog-friendly California travel. Adventuring with four-legged friends is increasingly popular, both here in Golden State and beyond, and we help you chart your course in four important areas: dog training, sustainability, health and safety, and travel basics. Want to know where to go, when to explore, and how to determine which destinations, parks, attractions and activities welcome furry friends? Read our helpful resource guides or download PDF versions for the road. You can also find lots of useful content on our blog.

Dog Training

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Online classes and workshops

While we generally recommend taking in-person classes from a local trainer, SPCA or humane society, times like we are in sometimes call for us to turn our attention to the web. Here are some choices our editors discovered for you to check out. Download here.

Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading

As you begin, or continue, your trekking with your pup into California’s rich abundance of outdoor recreation, it’s important that she is properly trained. This guide provides excellent insight from veterinarians, behavioralists, trainers and others who have been there, and done that, with their dogs. San Francisco SPCA suggested reading. Download here.


SF SPCA Training Tips

As you begin, or continue, your trekking with your pup into California’s rich abundance of outdoor recreation, it’s important that Rover is properly trained. If you are having issues with recall, confrontation when passing new dogs, or need help with general obedience, the San Francisco SPCA has some tips. Download here.


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Good for the environment

For many, adventuring with furry family members is a way of life. Dogs need exercise, just like their people. Whether you think park access is a privilege or a right, we all need to protect that access by being good ambassadors. This starts by minimizing your dog’s impact on wildlife and the environment. Download here.

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Good for you and your dog

Leave Only Paw Prints™ is a set of values and a way of life. We take a holistic approach to protecting pups and park access across California, suggesting simple tips for thoughtful dog travel. In addition to minimizing impact on wildlife and natural habitats, we create a safety net for pups. Download here.

snowy plover

What’s the deal with the Western Snowy Plover?

Dog access restrictions can become confusing. For example, we asked our friends at, the leading authority in pup-friendly travel in California, why some beaches close when the snowy plovers are around. It turns out that populations of this small shorebird have been declining for years, due to development pressures and habitat disturbances. Download here.

Dog Health and Safety


Dogs and Mushrooms Alert

It’s winter and the mushrooms are out in full force, often in our yards, parks and trails we hike with our pups. Many of these are deadly to dogs. We recommend that if your dog eats any type of wild mushroom, you need to seek immediate veterinary care, even if your dog is not showing symptoms. Download here.

nasty tick

How to remove a tick

Ticks are gross. They carry diseases, and they are literal blood-sucking parasites. Their entire life is dedicated to waiting until an unsuspecting host walks by, jumping on said host and sucking them dry. Here is our advice at how to remove these little suckers from your pup. Download here.


Leptospirosis and your dog

As water levels rise across the Bay Area during the winter, so does the number of documented canine leptospirosis cases. It is essential that, as a dog owner, you know the facts, risks and warning signs of leptospirosis in order to minimize the likelihood of your dog contracting the disease. Download here.

Resources for Dog Parents

Dog on a Boat

Dog-friendly California Parks & Open Space Districts

Welcome to California, the most dog-friendly state in the nation! Meet, the trusted source for millions of California travelers who stay, play, hike, eat and explore with their four-legged families. DogTrekker features nearly 3,000 stories about everything dog-friendly in the Golden State. Download here.

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Dog-friendly California Parks & Open Space Districts

California is home to thousands of park and open space districts, managed by national, regional, state, county and city governments. This handy guide, complete with links, provides both new and veteran DogTrekkers with up-to-date opportunities on dog-friendly hiking, camping and other activities.  Download here.

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Bringing home a new dog

There are a lot of things to think about when bringing a new dog into your home. Beyond all the medical care, feeding, and changes to the household that a new dog will bring, you also need to consider the socialization of your pet. This guide provides the basics, whether your new dog is a puppy or adult rescue dog. Download here.