Trails infographic

Dog-friendly travel has boomed over the past decade, as people and pets discover new trails, beaches, and backroads. California’s outdoor treasures are recording increased traffic, and when that impacts the environment, dog parents sometimes feel the pressure. Park districts have tightened leash requirements, expanded restrictions, and, in some cases, banned pups from formerly dog-friendly beaches and trails. For many, adventuring with furry family members is a way of life.

Dogs need exercise, just like their people. Whether you think park access is a privilege or a right, we all need to protect that access by being good ambassadors. This starts by minimizing your dog’s impact on wildlife and the environment.

It ties back to a central Leave Only Paw Prints™ value: pack in and pack out. This simple practice helps us protect habitats, ensure the survival of rare species, and secure enjoyment for future generations.

Did you know that kicking your dog’s poo off the trail is as bad as leaving it on the path? Or that dogs can destroy the nesting areas of protected birds and animals by running off the trails in sensitive habitats? Do you consider your sweet dog incapable of seeking out and harming birds, otters, and other species?

It happens, and again, dog parents as a whole suffer the blame. For the safety and protection of our pups, our people, and our environment, please follow our Leave Only Paw Prints guidelines.

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